Kitchen Island Design

Jul 29, 2012

Wood Countertop

The Kitchen Island is the most requested feature currently in Kitchen Design. There are many choices when planning for your kitchen remodel. Here are some great design ideas when think about your island:

Add big chunky legs to a large island to anchor it in the room.

White kitchen with black island

Soften edges of a granite counter by upgrading the edge detail on the island only to an ogee or bullnose, or add a curve in the counter.

White Kitchen with matching island

Change the color of the island to complement the kitchen. If you have painted cabinets – choose a stain on the island. Select an alternate granite for the island, one with lots of movement.

Candlelight Red Island

Add a Wood Counter Top to your island. Common species are Maple, Walnut and Cherry. You can also do Butcher Block. Wood Counter Tops are a very nice way to make a dramatic statement in your design. They are also warm and comfortable to rest your elbows on when having your morning coffee.

cape kitchen

Rules of thumb when designing your island:

Counter Overhang: Minimum overhang for seating is recommended at 12″. A 12″ Overhang requires no additional counter support.
Comfortable Overhang is often between 15″ and 18″ and this requires additional support for the granite or stone counter like a leg or corbel.

Kitchen island with wine rack

Cabinet Clearance: Minimum clearance for around your island is 36″. This is very tight but acceptable. Better is 42″ clearance around the island with more around larger appliances like refridgerators and wall ovens, 48″ is best in these locations.


Your Cape & Island Kitchen Design Professional will help you sort through the choices available for your new kitchen and kitchen island. So, think out of the box, be creative and your kitchen will be Extraordinary.

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